Sega Launches Sandbox Arcade Game

Posted on Sep 19 2014 - 4:46pm by Julius

Wouldn’t the world of gaming be a lot better if it included a bit more sand? Sure, you might never have thought of this before but once you do you’ll see that it makes sense.

In fact, a new arcade machine made by the famous Japanese company Sega promises to bring sand to the gaming experience right now. You don’t even need to go the beach to play it.

Sega has released a YouTube video on its own channel showing how children make shapes and landscapes in a box filled with a special type of sand. An image is that shown on the sand, detailing the water, green areas and wildlife. The sand doesn’t need any liquid to make it into the different forms and it doesn’t stick to the hands of the person playing with it.

Not the First Game of Its Type


A similar sort of sandbox was made back in 2001 by a group of Czech students using the Xbox console with the Kinect motion sensor. This prototype game also allowed gamers to make landscapes with hills, valleys and rivers in them. The Xbox then worked out what the different features were in order to add colour and extra details to them.

Of course, you will probably know the name Sega from the range of gaming consoles that they built in the past. However, they now concentrate on making games for other companies platforms. Having said that, they still have a part of the firm that makes new types of arcade games.

At the moment the word from Sega is that there are no plans to release this sandbox game in any country other than Japan.

Would you like to get your hands on this game?

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