Send an Emoji and Get Food

Posted on Oct 22 2015 - 5:49pm by Robert

We all know that sending an emoji offers a fast and easy way to get you feeling across but did you know that they can also help you to get fed?

The idea comes from the Aloft Hotels, who will be launching a new scheme called Text It, Get It in New York.

It is an incredibly simple concept. When you step into your room as well as checking out what toiletries you will be taking home you will also see that there is a fancy look food menu. This menu includes 6 six different emoji, which represent the different food packaged available to order.

All you have to do to get fed promptly is to send the emoji you choose to reception by text message, including your surname and room number.

The Future of Food Orders?


While this is a clearly gimmicky sort of way to offer room service, there is a hangover cure included on the menu, which is exactly when guests will want to do little more than send an emoji to get what they want. The cost has been quoted as $25, although it isn’t yet clear exactly what is included in the packages.

Could this be the way forward for food orders? Could you soon be able to send an emoji of the food you want and have whatever we want brought round by our local fast food delivery dudes? It certainly sounds like the kind of technological advance that the world will welcome with open arms.

What other uses do you think we should find for emoji?

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