Sharp AQUOS Hybrid 007SH Clamshell Android Phone Unveiled

Posted on May 20 2011 - 3:31pm by Thomas Sharp

Sharp has just taken the wraps off their latest Android smartphone and it has a clamshell design. This is a little shocking when you consider that not only is this Sharp’s first Android based clamshell phone, but is the first ever Android powered clamshell too.

The Sharp AQUOS Hybrid 007SH is runs the latest Android 2.3.4 OS and comes with a few other neat specs to-boot. It packs an astonishing 16MP rear facing camera capable of recording 720p HD video, taking 3D photographs and even 3D video. Despite having a fully functioning keyboard and smart buttons Sharp has made decided to include 3.4 WVGA 3D touchscreen giving users the freedom of choice. The clamshell can open up to 180 degrees so it can be used as a traditional touch phone as well or the old school flip open and tap method using the standard keyboard.

Another party piece relates to the the name, the AQUOS is waterproof so it will perform well in the rain or even in a swimming pool, if you like that sort of thing. At this stage it is not available to buy and will arrive in Japan early next month on Softbank.

Is there still enough interest in clamshell phone’s to make this one a hit?

via: Phandroid

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