Shazam Music Discovery App To Come Pre-Installed On LG Android Phones

Posted on Sep 23 2010 - 12:59pm by Matt Jackson

Shazam is a music discovery application for Android smartphones and has already amassed an impressive 75 million users of the app. It offers pretty much everything you would want to see from a music discovery tool and more, and it has today announecd a partnership with LG which means that it will be pre-installed on all LG phones so that users can enjoy its functionality straight out of the box.

The greatest feature of Shazam is its music identification. If you’re out and about and hear a tune that you really like but can’t identify then play it into your smartphone handset and Shazam will do the rest for you by identifying the track, the artist, and even providing you with the ability to buy and download the track directly to your phone.

While there are other music identification apps available, Shazam doesn’t text you the results back, instead displaying the information on your mobile phone screen. You not only receive the name of the track and the artist performing it but you also receive album details, recording details, and a link to buy the track. In some cases you even receive a link to YouTube or another online service where you can hear the track in full.

We’ve all had tunes bouncing around our heads that we pick up from TV adverts, in the background on films and series, or even while you’re out shopping and finding out what the tune is can prove incredibly difficult. LG smartphone users need wonder and ponder no longer.

The partnership is already under way with the LG Optimus GT 540 being the first phone to feature the pre-installed app and future LG phones will also offer the same great functionality provided by the Shazam application.

Have you used Shazam to identify a tune?

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