Shoes That Take You Home

Posted on Sep 18 2012 - 3:56am by Robert

Have you ever wandered the streets wondering how to get home? This has probably happened to all of us at some point and you certainly don’t need to feel ashamed about it.

Of course, when you are in your car your trusty old GPS gets you to your destination every time, but what about when you are out walking in your shoes? Are you thinking what we are thinking?

That’s right, Dominic Wilcox has come up with the solution which someone should really have created years ago; GPS shoes. If you want a mixture of elegant footwear and reliable GPs data then it’s the only sensible choice really.

Follow the Dots

The left shoe has a GPS receiver in the heel of it, and it lights up to tell you the direction which you should take if you want to sleep in your own bed instead of on a park bench tonight. The right shoe tells you how far you walked and there are some LED dots which light up as you get closer to home sweet home

The shoes are made of leather and the design was carried out by Wilcox in partnership with the established shoe maker Stamp Shoes. Becky Stewart is the interactive art technologist who was also involved in the design of these GPS shoes.  The design was commissioned by the Global Footprint Project in Northamptonshire.

This modern type of footwear is called No Place Like Home shoes and it sounds like it could be a good idea to get a pair of them for slipping on after a few drinks or when you go for a wander in the evening and then realise that you don’t have a clue where you are.

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