Should Video Gaming Be Part of the Olympic Games?

Posted on Feb 13 2015 - 10:40am by Thomas Sharp

The Olympic Games is the sort of sporting event where you expect to see hurdles jumped, javelins thrown and weights lifted. You might even catch some synchronised swimming if you are lucky.

However, can you imagine settling down to watch some Olympic competitors pick up their gaming controllers instead?

This is exactly what would happen if the man behind the massively successful World of Warcraft game has his way. In a recent BBC interview Rob Pardo said that sport now has a broad definition that could cover video games now.

Pardo was the chief creative officer of Blizzard Entertainment until recently and he said that competitive video gaming is “well positioned” to become a popular spectator sport.  The appeal of this type of event – known as e-sports – means million of people currently watch the most popular professional events.

40,000 in a Stadium in South Korea


For example, a recent e-sports final in Seoul, South Korea was so popular that the 40,000 spectators filled the stadium it was held in. Additional viewers watched it online, swelling the overall numbers of spectators.

Pardo was the lead designer of the Starcraft: Brood War game which is seen by many as being the games that stated the e-sports scene in the first place. Now it has reached the stage where millions of people enjoy watching e-sports around the world.

Competitive video gaming has also had the likes of an anti-doping programme added to it, bringing it more in line with the sports already carried out in the Olympic Games.

Do you think that video gaming should be added to the Olympic Games or not?

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