Sky to phase out standard definition set top boxes

Posted on Jan 29 2010 - 10:29pm by simon

Subscription satellite television firm Sky is set to offer nothing but HD-ready set top boxes to all of its new customers in the near future according to reports.

Even if you do not choose to add in the extra monthly cost and receive the high definition channel package, Sky will provide you with the future-proof Sky+ HD set top box, that is not only ready for HD, but also for the 3D TV revolution.

Sky has made this announcement after the number of people subscribing to its HD service has exceeded 2 million for the first time. This is accompanied by nearly 10 million subscribers to its standard definition service.

By beginning to phase out its standard definition set top boxes, Sky will be preparing more of its customers for the growth of high definition television and will also make its 3D broadcasts available to customers who commit to new HDTV technology in the coming years.

Both new and existing Sky customers can get the Sky+ HD box right now and for newcomers the cost of the box and its installation can be waived in order to encourage wider uptake of the technology.

From now on the standard definition set top box will only be available to Sky customers who are looking to replace their existing SD box, or to those who want to create access points for their Sky service in multiple rooms in their homes.

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