Skyfire Sells 300,000 copies With iPad and UK Yet to Come

Posted on Nov 11 2010 - 1:04am by Richard Sharp

According to Apple they don’t need flash on their products, in-fact Steve Jobs has argued the case on more than one occasion. However it seems iPhone users do indeed want flash as Skyfire has sold 300,000 of its flash rendering app in the first week in the US.

The app was so popular that it put such a strain on Skyfire’s servers they had to stop downloads, restarting the process in batches so the servers could keep up with the demand – this is all before any clear release date for the UK market.

News has been leaked that the version for the iPad is to be released within the next few days, the UK however will have to wait for more news.

The Skyfire app transcodes flash movies through there servers so iPhone users can watch flash videos on their handsets. This works really well for video and images but does not work with games and some other forms of multimedia.

Have you downloaded the Skyfire app yet?

And do you think it will be as popular in the UK?

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