Slightly thicker iPad 3 spotted at CES 2012

Posted on Jan 11 2012 - 12:09pm by Julius

A new report came out claiming that Apple has the iPad 3 ready and was seen at this year’s CES event. iLounge’s Editor in Chief Jeremy Horwitz, who was known for seeing early prototypes of an iPad 2 case last year, reported that he has once again seen the next-generation tablet offering from Apple.

Horwitz reported that the new iPad is not that different from its predecessor, the iPad 2. From a distance, it’s hard to tell them apart, and it is like comparing the iPad 3 and from the iPhone 4S and 4. However, he said that he spotted some things that suggest the tablet’s new features. The iPad 3’s camera is about the same size of that on the iPhone 4S, which is bigger than what’s installed in the iPad 2.

Despite rumors of having a slightly smaller screen, the iPad 3 is said to have the same size screen. Horwitz said that he expects the device to have a Retina display, which will explain the additional 1 mm thickness.

The iLounge editor noted that the model he saw is not fresh from the factory, estimating it to be at least six months old. This is not surprising because companies need time to tweak a device. This also means that the iPad 3 he saw may not be like what Apple will launch to the public.

It seems like Apple is now focusing on changing its devices’ guts rather than its looks. The new iPad 3 may likely sport a Retina display, faster processor (probably an A6) and Siri.



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  1. fxgeorges February 2, 2012 at 2:12 am - Reply

    It’s not easy to improve on perfection. But Apple will. The only way an IPad would be at CES is to confound the competition and the media whores.

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