Smartphone Rankings Released

Posted on Jun 8 2008 - 1:25am by Richard Sharp

IPhoneAnalyst house Gartner has released figures of the most popular smartphones in the world, by market share. Despite the iPhone only having been available for purchase for around 12 months it has already taken third spot behind Nokia and RIM. In America, the iPhone has second spot behind just RIM with Nokia in third.

Nokia holds top spot with a whopping 45 percent of the market share, while RIM (who make the Blackberry range of mobile phones) comes in second with slightly more than 13%. However, Apple has performed remarkably considering the head start afforded to the other two companies. They rank third with a 5.3% share.

Nokia has continued to fail to break into the American market where it’s handsets typically do not fare as well. This is also true of smartphones with RIM commanding a 42% market share and Apple coming in second with a very respectable 20%.

Growth is expected to continue for the iPhone, especially because as yet this figure does not include a large number of replacement handsets or upgraded phones as you would expect with both Nokia and RIM. When the new iPhone is released and once contracts start to come to fruition it is highly likely that these figures will increase further.

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