Snugg iPad 2 case with headrest mount protects your iPad 2

Posted on Sep 14 2011 - 1:08pm by Julius

Snugg has recently received high ratings for their iPad cases, and its Snugg iPad cover has been a huge success. Now, the company has released an iPad 2 case that has a flip stand and a car headrest mount holder.

Snugg is now offering a headrest mount holder that is designed to work with their iPad 2 case and flip stand. The Snugg iPad 2 cover is made of polyurethane faux leather that has white stitching on the sides. The front and back of the cover are stiffened to provide extra protection for your device and for better support when it is used as a stand. The case’s interior is lined with a velvety fabric in order to prevent unnecessary scratches to the tablet’s body.

You can slide your iPad 2 into the frame and secure it with a velco strap. The Snugg case is 9.5-inches long, 7.5-inches wide and 0.75-inches thick, and it weighs just around 9.4 ounces.

It also comes with a car headrest mount that will provide an all-in-one mounting solutions for those who travel with their favorite tablet. Perfect for long trips, the Snugg iPad Car Headrest Mount will keep your children occupied and entertained so that you can focus on the ride. You don’t need to remove the device from the case before using the headrest mount. Two small U-shaped clips at the bottom will grip the device and hold it in place – it is pretty secure, even on slippery leather seats.

The Snugg iPad 2 case is available on Amazon for £29.99 and the Snug iPad 2 Car Headrest Mount Holder is available for £19.99.

Have you tried the Snugg mount, let us know what you think of it below.

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