Sony 3D TVs Coming Soon…Ish

Posted on Aug 27 2010 - 10:40am by Matt Jackson

Sony is taking the 3D fight to Panasonic having announced that they too are working on a glasses free 3D TV. 3D TV take up has been unexpectedly massive with more and more people wanting to enjoy their favourite Sky shows and movies but in order to do so users must don a pair of special 3D viewing glasses. While they are certainly better looking than their 1980s counterparts and reasonably comfortable, they can still get a little annoying after a couple of hours sat in front of the TV screen.

Nintendo has announced that they will be launching a glasses free 3D handheld gaming device which offers the technology to users without having to wear any additional fashion accessories. Panasonic have also said that they aim to improve on the existing glass-free 3D technology but have yet to pencil in a date for putting the TVs on sale.

Sony have also said that there will be some major obstacles and hurdles to overcome before the technology goes mainstream. Currently, there are 3D displays available that do not require glasses but they are restricted in their use. This restriction stems mostly from the fact that viewers must be stood in a very specific spot in order for the 3D images to emerge. The image quality is also a lot lower than with the glasses version of the tech but, presumably, that’s why companies like Panasonic and Sony have said they’re working on improving it.

Sony already has a reasonable catalogue of 3D products including 3D blu ray players and 3D flast screen TVs and they were showing these off in Japan when they discussed the possibility of glasses free technology being released. They expressed their intention in being the market leader for 3D so expect a lot more in the coming months and years.

Do you own a 3D TV and glasses?

Can you wear them without menace for a full 2 hour sitting?

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