Sony CEO Howard Stringer talks about the PSN attacks

Posted on Jul 1 2011 - 10:42am by Julius

Sony Corporation Chief Executive Officer Howard Stringer revealed the possible causes that led to the massive hack attack on its PC Gaming and PlayStation Networks last April to the company’s share holders.

However, Stringer ended up removing the line between Linux and pirated software in his explanation.

“Anonymous targeted Sony earlier this year after Sony proceeded in court against George ‘GeoHot’ Hotz, a programmer who attempted to enable the PlayStation 3 to run the Linux operating system,” said Stringer during the share holder’s meeting.

The British-born head of the company said that hackers picked to hack the company because it likes to protect its intellectual property.

“We believe that we first became the subject of attack because we tried to protect our IP, our content, in this case video games. These are our corporate assets, and there are those that don’t want us to protect them, they want everything to be free,” the Sony head honcho said. “I think you see that cyber terrorism is now a global force, affecting many more companies than just Sony. If hackers can hack Citibank, the FBI and the CIA, and the video game company Electronic Arts, then it’s a negative situation that governments may have to resolve.”

The Sony head also avoided a shareholder’s request for him to step down from his post so that the company can start again fresh. Although the request was avoided, it is believed that Kazuo Hirai will take over Howard Stringer’s post at the head of the boardroom table of Sony.


via: IT Pro Portal

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