Sony Ericsson Proves Models Are Thicker Than Glam Rockers

Posted on Sep 22 2010 - 12:04am by Matt Jackson

Sony Ericsson is trying to bill the Xperia X10 as being multi-functional and incredibly easy to use, especially when compared to its main competitors like the iPhone 4 and other smart phones. In a bid to prove the point they’ve put together a motley crew of videos containing every single viable cross section of modern life (well, almost) using a selection of smart phones. The Xperia X10 does, as you would imagine, come out on top and it does make you wonder whether there are another 50 or so videos where it came last but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for an amusing piece of viral work.

We’ve put the videos on our Facebook page so that you can see them all there, but the upshot is that models think smart phones are smarter than they are and that glam rockers, along with surfers, are among the weirdest people of all.

You really need to check them all out otherwise you’ll be missing such treats as models talking about automatic shower buttons on their mobile phones, a bunch of stoned surfers trying to find their way around the multimedia functions, and glam rockers videoing a fluffly pink rabbit while stating their allegiance to the dark side.

The X10 is pitted against phones like the Blackberry Bold and the HTC Evo which most people will agree are more capably equipped with a better stock of features, but these video clips are essentially meant to show that the Sony Ericsson phone is the easier Рwhether you believe it or not is really kind of irrelevant; the videos are good a for quick giggle if nothing else.

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