Sony Ericsson To Enter Mobile Gaming Market?

Posted on Jun 16 2008 - 2:19pm by Richard Sharp

Sony Ericsson F305Sony Ericsson has suffered more leaks than the water pipe outside my house recently, and one of the big talking points is the F305 motion sensor gaming device that is sort of a combination of a Nitnendo Wii and the failed Nokia N-Gage gaming device. The phone is quite clearly designed as a gaming unit because of the gaming D-Pad on the front but the biggest problem is likely to be whether it packs enough of a punch to play decent games.

It also has a Memory Stick slot for expanding the memory, a 2 inch LCD display, and music playback features. All in all, the phone is pretty basic although the accelerometer does mean that motion sensor gaming will be offered.

Another question that needs to be answered is whether anybody is committed to developing games that can be played on it. The Wii relied largely on Nintendo developed games because few game creators were willing to take the plunge, until it became so hugely popular. It’s fairly unlikely that any manufacturer will take a chance on a mobile phone so it may be necessary to rely on badly patched ports and Sony Ericsson developed games.

The unofficial leak is expected to be confirmed on 17th June when details of a number of new phones will be released to the public.


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