Sony Nex-5 Camera Review

Posted on Jul 7 2010 - 3:42pm by Richard Sharp

So, what kind of camera does £600 get you these days? Let’s have a look at the Sony Nex-5 camera and find out.


This is one of the first cameras to enter the market for mirrorless digital cameras, where space is freed up to make a more compact and more lovable camera possible. Someone got paid to come up with the name, “Alpha compact interchangeable lens digital cameras” to describe this development.

The style is sturdy and modern, with the latest technological developments allowing Sony to pop some serious hardware into a small and fairly lightweight frame.

Notable Specifications

Camera buffs will be pleased to see that Sony have addressed the old problem of continuous autofocus and exposure adjustment during the shooting of videos. Non camera buffs may also nod sagely at this point if they wish. Other features which may be more important to some people than to others include; Anti motion blur mode, Auto High Dynamic Range shooting, Handheld Twilight and the rather dramatically named 3D Sweep Panorama.

The Sony Nex-5 supports 1080i AVCHD video shooting and gives a not unreasonable 14 megapixels on photos.


If you are considering spending this much on a camera then you are obviously pretty serious about taking really good photos and 3D Sweep Panoramas. This being the case you will be delighted at the style and functionality of the Sony Nex-5.

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