Sony Produces a Watch Made Out of E-paper

Posted on Jan 20 2015 - 10:02am by Robert

One of the latest experimental products to be produced by Sony is a watch. It’s not just any old watch though, is it?

Ah, so it’s an e-paper watch. This exciting development is part of the tech firm’s plans to use the material to make new fashion products.

It is called the Fes Watch and while it isn’t as feature packed as the best new smartwatches, it does offer a cool, monochrome look.

Interestingly, the FES watch has came about thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on the Makuake site, with Sony’s name kept firmly in the background. Instead, their Fashion Entertainments division has been the public face of this product.

It raised some £19,000 from over 150 backers in this way. The people who have put up money for the project will get their new watch at some point after May of next year.

Changes Colour of Design Easily


So what can an e-paper watch do? Well, apart from telling you the time the most interesting point is that the face and band can change colour or design easily. It is monochrome, so you can get black or white text on the face. The technology behind the display has been likened to the sort used for e-book readers such as Kindle.

Another point worth mentioning is that it is easy on the battery, with an expected 60 days worth of life for your battery while using it.

It is suggested that Sony will be looking to bring out other new, innovative fashion products using e-paper too. Shoes, glasses and even bow-ties have been put forward as possible uses for this exciting material.

Do you like the like of this watch or would you prefer a feature packed smartwatch?

image courtesy of Makuake

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