SpiderPodium Tablet and iPad Stand Review

Posted on Jul 23 2012 - 3:33pm by Richard Sharp

A few weeks ago we spoke about Breffo’s new SpiderPodium tablet and at the time mentioned we would be getting our hands on one soon. That day has come and we are ready to field test the SpiderPodium tablet with the new iPad. Read our review below, we promise the spidery nature of the legs isn’t creepy in the slightest!


Like a spider it comes with eight multi-jointed legs which spread out from a central body. This means you can wrap it around your tablet with ease whilst using any remaining legs to create a platform. We received both the grey and black versions and have to admit the black version is my favourite (although my wife preferred the grey one because it looked less like a spider).

Using the Spider Podium Tablet

I’ve always maintained that the best gadgets are the ones you can rip out of the box, use right away and are useful. SpiderPodium is a gadget which requires no instruction manual (although the box gives you an idea if you get stuck) and can be used by anyone. It’s handy around the home, when you’re out and about or travelling; because it is light, hard-wearing and somewhat idiot proof!


It shares the same DNA that made the smart phone version popular, albeit larger and more rigid. This ensures it remains a quality product which worked extremely well with the new iPad. You can view the positions and uses we achieved in the gallery below (some are silly, but illustrate its versatility).

You can pick up a SpiderPodium in either grey or black from Breffo, or on popular sites like Amazon for around £24.95 (RRP).


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