Stanislaw LEM Google Doodle Praised on Twitter

Posted on Nov 23 2011 - 12:01pm by Richard Sharp

Google has replaced their usual colorful logo with an animated Doodle to mark the 60th anniversary of the first ever book written by Stanislaw LEM. The Doodle has been hailed as the best ever among many journalists and the general public have taken kindly to it as well.

The Stanislaw LEM Google Doodle

The Doodle begins with a hand drawn man which resembles Stanislaw himself. The character begins to walk and discovers a robot. The robots chest opens to reveal a console which allows users to solve the number problem above. Once all the problems have been solved the robot…., actually go and find out for yourself. There are two more conundrums to ponder after the robot encounter with the final scene showing a sketched Google logo.

Mass praise on Twitter and Facebook

The Scottish Book Trust (@scottishbktrust) said “A little bit in love with Stanislaw Lem #googledoodle today.” Whilst @thesneakybandit spoke a lot of truth when he said “This will take up half of your morning but it’s worth a run through!”

The hash tag #googledoodle has been trending all morning on Twitter with half of the world yet to see it as they are still asleep.

Even one of my good buddies took the time to post an update on Facebook. Aaron said “WOW, Google is amazing today, play the game :)”.

The Doodle certainly is impressive and contains one of the longest sequences of animation seen in a long while, with levels of interaction that rival the awesome Muppets Google Doodle from a couple of months back.

Have you taken time to interact with today’s Stanislaw LEM Google Doodle? Let us know what you think and if you’ve found any cool features or tricks below.

Source: Google

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