Study reveals 10.7 million Brits make weekly calls home

Posted on Sep 19 2011 - 5:07pm by Robert

A new research by TalkTalk reveals that using mobile phones to call, in spite of the rise of digital communications and other communication platforms, is as popular as it has always been. The Look Who’s Talking study that was conducted by TalkTalk Mobile has found that around 10.7 million people still have the time to call home on a weekly basis.

The study found that out of the five communication platforms (Facebook, email, mobile phone, SMS and landline), 40 percent of people in the United Kingdom call their loved ones using their mobile phones to stay up-to-date. Just over a fifth, or 22 percent, of Brits say they use Facebook to contact their friends.

While social networking site Facebook is still yet to be adopted by people as a way of keeping in touch, those that use the site are the ones who do so regularly. The results show that Brits contact family and friends through Facebook an average of 3.2 times a week. In contrast, those who use their phones average just 1.2 times a week. People who use Facebook tend to contact their mothers (4.1 times a week), children (3.8 times a week) or their best friend (3.8 times a week).

Out of the five platforms, 48 percent of people call their colleagues using a mobile phone, while 26 percent claim they contact them through Facebook.

“In an age where the rise of social media as a way for people to contact each other is frequently discussed, it’s good to see that verbal communication is still important. In fact, as our research shows, calling from a mobile remains the main way for them to stay in touch with loved ones,” said TalkTalk spokesperson Mark Schmid.

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