Sudoku Toilet Roll

Posted on Nov 20 2008 - 5:18am by David Gray

oob067_sudoku_toilet_paper_m300_jpg.jpgWhat do you get somebody who has everything for Christmas? What can you get them which is a little different? Why don’t we have a bit of fun in the process?

Sudoku Toilet Roll is something which will make them laugh, something they will probably use and something a little different for the festive period. Next time you visit the toilet and expect to be there for a “while”, why not take your own Sudoku Toilet Roll to while away those few anxious moments?

If you have kids the toilet can be the perfect hiding place and give you peace and quiet to check out the latest Sudoku puzzles and take your mind off the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Sudoku Toilet Roll is packed with Sudoku puzzles and problems of a varying degree of difficulty to ensure it won’t be all over in a moment. Throw away all of those dusty magazines, bin those football programmes and grab yourself a pen and make your visit to the toilet one you will never forget!

Don’t forget that if the game is too difficult for you all you need to do is rip the tissue off the roll and dispose of it in the normal manner!

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