Sun jar solar lamp

Posted on Dec 8 2008 - 6:10pm by David Gray

SUNJAR.jpgDo not let the strange name and the strange concept of this particularly useful device distract your attention from what the Sun jar solar lamp has to offer. In essence these are jam jars which are able to absorb solar power and automatically switch themselves on and emit light when darkness falls. So how do these Sun jar solar lamp actually work?

These are perhaps the most eco-friendly lamps available on the market at the moment and have an aura and mystery around them which will attract children and grown-ups alike. You simply place the Sun jar solar lamp on a shelf in full view of daylight and it will build up an energy supply using solar technology which will then be converted into a soft candle like glow when darkness falls.

The beauty of the Sun jar solar lamp is the fact that they can be used indoors or outdoors, as lighting for a party, as a bedside lamp or a decoration for a bedroom or main room in the house. Of all the so-called eco-friendly products which we have covered on the site in the past this is perhaps the “greenest” eco-friendly lamp which we have come across and offers something very different to the norm.

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