Supertalent Pico Mini Memory Card Review

Posted on Jun 27 2010 - 11:06am by Richard Sharp

This tiny and extremely light memory card comes in various sizes according to your storage needs; 4BG, 8GB and 16GB, to be exact. It also comes in very bright colours which really make it stand out from most other memory cards on the market.


The Pico Mini A 4GB memory card weights in at under a couple of grams and is so small and light that the little keychain which it comes attached will come in very handy in order for you avoid losing it or seeing it blown away on a strong gust of wind. It is shock proof and water resistant, so if you can avoid losing it then it should solve your portable storage needs for some time to come

Notable Specifications

It reads at speeds up to 30MB per second and while it is principally a USB 2.0 drive it also have compatibility with 1.1 inputs.


This is a memory card which provides good storage capability with a pretty nifty speed and all the compatibility you would expect. The areas in which the Pico Mini A 4GN memory card comes into its own are size, design and price. It is surely the easiest memory card to carry about with you and quite possibly the most interestingly coloured as well. Online prices for all three capacities are excellent. This would most likely appeal to some who uses their memory card unexpectedly and often at short notice. I can imagine someone out jogging with this little storage device or perhaps tucking it discreetly into a pocket while going on a romantic dinner in which they promised that there would be no work interruptions. It could be a good “just in case something pops up” option.

The different models are available at memory card zoo with the 4gb version costing a very reasonable £9.45.

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