Tabbed plug adaptors in the pipeline

Posted on Feb 28 2010 - 12:38am by simon

If you have plethora of cables snaking down from the back of your TV cabinet or computer desk, all leading to a single multi-socket adaptor, it can often be difficult to tell which electrical device is being powered by which plug.

As such you can often root around before eventually finding what you believe to be the right plug, only to find out that rather than unplugging your Xbox you have in fact turned off your set top recorder, almost invariably in the middle of an important recording!

One low-tech option would be to label the plugs yourself, but a new concept design for an extensible, customisable multi-plug adaptor that sorts out the labelling for you could make every gadget lover’s life a lot easier.

The tabbed power adaptor concept is beautiful in its simplicity. You choose how many cubes you want to buy, with each one being added to a single power module to fit your requirements and then you can apply stickers with icons to indicate what type of device each tab is powering.

It would be easy to add extra cubes with their additional sockets at a later date and it would not only making choosing the right item to unplug that much easier, but also reduce the level of clutter you have to keep hidden away.

Sadly the concept design is not even into the prototype stage yet and it looks as though the US market is being targeted to start off with. However, if it does ever make it to market here, there would certainly be a huge demand for something as convenient and cool-looking as this.

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