Tablet News – HP PalmPad Will Have Touchscreen And Stylus

Posted on Jul 21 2010 - 11:05am by Matt Jackson

Apple announced huge sales and profit figures for the last quarter and put most of this down to the incredible success of the iPad as well as increased iPhone sales and growth in virtually every other area of their business. Those on the outside may well believe that the reason Apple has managed to hock more than 3.25 million iPads is because there is virtually no competition whatsoever and they’d probably be right, at least partially. What’s more, companies seem to be pretty slow on the uptake as there is still little in the way of choice.

Fortunately, a couple of Apple competitors are taking up the challenge and details of the Blackberry Tablet which is going to be a powerhouse of a business tablet and looks to outstrip the iPad in terms of features are joined by news that HP has named its tablet and it will offer touchscreen and stylus support.

Once a device is named it becomes less supposition and more rumour. When the company itself begins to release details of what will be included then you can really begin to get excited – at least, if it’s a promising looking piece of equipment.

The HP PalmPad will feature a touchscreen making it a very direct competitor to the iPad but where HP hopes it will make in roads is in the inclusion of a stylus pen.

The iPad touchscreen is incredible and the whole device is proving extremely popular especially thanks to the mass of apps that will work on the device. However, when it comes to note taking and even quick navigation, on screen finger flinging can prove cumbersome and this is where the use of a stylus will almost certainly offer benefit.

Will there finally be some competition for the iPad?

Will the inclusion of a stylus pen set the PalmPad above the iPad?

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