Take Your Rubber Duck to the River

Posted on Oct 13 2012 - 11:13am by Thomas Sharp

The Hot Tug Hot Tub Boat sounds like it is part of particularly tricky tongue twister, doesn’t it? You can keep your false teeth in though, as the only thing that it is going to twist is your mind.

Can you imagine floating down a river in a hot tub? It just sounds too shamelessly indulgent, doesn’t it? Well, you can now do this. A Dutch inventor has comes up with a boat which is pretty much a glorified floating hot tub.

Scrub Your Back on the Clyde

Frank de Brujin is the name of the crazed genius who thought that it sounded like a good idea to make a hot tub that was navigable. For those of a vaguely technical persuasion, it is made of wood and glass fibre reinforced polyester. For those who prefer to get right to the point, it uses a stove to give you hot water as you glide down the Mersey, the Thames or the Clyde scrubbing your back and playing with your rubber duck. You might get a few strange looks though, and you shouldn’t be surprised if a lot of tourists take pictures of you and point to you as an example of a quaintly eccentric local who should probably be locked up.

It is powered by either an electric 2.4 KW motor or an outboard motor. Apparently up to 8 people can squeeze themselves into it and it holds an impressive 500 gallons of the wet stuff. There isn’t a lot more to do it then that, although the price tag of over €16,000 might make it seem like just too much of a pointless luxury for most of us.

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