Tech entrepreneur thinks tech could be regressive, not progressive

Posted on Oct 18 2011 - 11:26am by Thomas Sharp

A top technology entrepreneur believes that as technology becomes more advanced, humans are becoming increasingly lazy.

Duane Jackson, a popular serial blogger, who is also a top cloud computing entrepreneur, believes that he has difficulty in spelling a number of words without the device to spell them. He was talking about the feature of smartphones that turns text speak into full words.

Jackson believes that the new feature of the iPhone 4S, Siri, which allows users to talk to their phone an not just on it, could result in eliminating the art of writing and typing.

“Firstly computers came along, and as a result teenagers do less actual writing with pen and paper, especially once they’re out of school – everything is typed,” said Jackson. “Now along comes Siri who lets them do everything by just speaking to their mobile. Soon they won’t even be typing!”

Jackson points out that the Siri personal assistant reacts to a number of requests – scheduling meetings, sending text messages, answering questions and placing phone calls, without having to touch a button.

“This not only means we don’t need the written word – it also means we don’t have to exercise our brains very much now to figure things out for ourselves,” Jackson added. He also said that the iPhone’s text expansion feature, which converts text speak to full words automatically, will see the form of language because when these messages are received on other platforms, they revert back to their original forms.

He warned people that when we improve on technology, we must also bear in mind its consequences. These labour-saving features may end up backfiring, and we will regress instead of advancing.

Do you think technology could turn all our brains into mush?

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