Telephone Alarm Clock

Posted on Oct 15 2008 - 2:46am by David Gray

telephonealarmclock_400_x_287.jpgHow do you wake up in the morning? Do you set the alarm on your phone? Set an alarm clock or just wake up naturally? Check out the Telephone Alarm Clock for something a little different….

For some people waking up in the morning can be very difficult with many often sleeping in or sleeping through their now familiar alarm call. So what do you get someone who maybe travels a lot or someone who just want something a little different to wake them up in the morning?

The Telephone Alarm Clock is proving to be something of a cult hit after being released to the gadgets market. It looks strange but it does the job in the morning and unlike many wake-up call companies it will not cost you a penny. Simply set the time you wish to be woken up and you will ‘receive’ a phone call at the requested time with a very pleasant voice announcing the time.

You will be given the chance to press number five on the dial for an extra half hours sleep at which point you will then ‘receive’ another phone call!

This is something different and looks like a throw back to the old ages but who said everything about the new age is perfect?

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