Test tube aliens X

Posted on Nov 15 2008 - 12:11am by David Gray

aliens.jpgTest tube aliens X really are the ultimate in interactive toys with aliens you feed and nurture, and ones whose characteristics and abilities can be changed at will. So how does it work?

The Test tube aliens X which you receive will be placed within a test tube and surrounded by special life feeding gunge which will allow the alien to breathe and grow with the use of its antenna which needs to be visible to the outside world all the time. Treat your alien well and they will grow and grow and grow for up to 14 days, but starve or overfeed your alien and you will be in trouble!

The aliens beating heart is a sign that you are looking after them well although when the flash begins to dim or disappears completely you are in big trouble. Sound good? Not different to anything on the market at the moment? Think again…………..

By logging onto the interactive website associated with your Test tube aliens X you can check out exactly what you have, the alien’s strengths, weaknesses and most importantly you can make changes via the interactive website. Simply logon, register your alien, dim the lights in the room, hold your alien to the screen and request the changes you want to your new friend.

Due to a special system your alien will receive messages from your computer screen which will change its characteristics and personality – a truly interactive and amazing toy for anybody.

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