The Acer Liquid Mini and BeTouch Smartphones on Show

Posted on Jan 8 2011 - 6:05pm by Matt Jackson

A couple of really nice looking smartphones which have got people talking at the CES 2011 are from Acer.

The one which is attracting most attention is the Acer Liquid Mini phone. It is a compact little phone at 11 cm x 6 cm and has a 3.2 inch display touchscreen.

A camera on board gives you 5 megapixels, there is Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 512 MB of memory and a 600MHZ processor from Qualcomm. It is going to be available in a range of 5 interesting colours. Silver, blue, yellow, white and pink have been mentioned but the one on display in Las Vegas this week is a standard glossy black design. The curved case is sure to attract admiring glances and there is a feeling that this model is more aesthetically pleasing than ground breaking in its features.  

The Liquid Mini runs on Android 2.2 and you will find the expected Facebook and Twitter apps lurking on it. It will available in a couple of months although the price is still a mystery.

Looking at the Acer BeTouch E210 now, we see that this phone also uses Android 2.2 and has the same amount of memory but an inferior 416MHz ST Ericcson processor.

A lot of the differences between the two are largely visible to the naked eye. The BeTouch has a portrait keyboard and also boasts a trackpad and a smaller screen (2.6 inch and 320 x 240). The camera is 3.2 megapixels but it has the same Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth capabilities as the Liquid Mini.

The BeTouch is actually expected out in the UK a month earlier than the Liquid Mini (March) although the price has yet to be confirmed.

There is little doubt that the Liquid Mini is the big brother of the two, with a better look and higher specs. However, which one is going to best suit you and best capture a good UK market share?

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