The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro RC

Posted on Jul 8 2008 - 5:04pm by Richard Sharp

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro RC From Spin MasterMicro radio controlled cars are hardly limited in the spaces where they can drive. Desktops, under tables, on laminate floor, and pretty much anywhere there’s a couple of feet or clear space. But Spin Master, the RC experts, are launching a micro RC version of their innovative wall climbing, zero gravity cars.

By creating a vacuum of air, the micro RC, named the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro RC will stick to the wall and even the ceiling enabling you to literally race around the room. The little racer can also be popped on the floor for some soon-to-be old school racing, although you have to switch the car between the two so you can’t just pop a wheelie off the floor and start driving up the wall.

Spin Master has previously created zero gravity RC cars, in the shape of a Hummer. It wasn’t really designed for racing, but happily it did work. The new micro RC cars will be considerably smaller and will carry an aptly although surprisingly light price tag of around £25 when they’re released towards the end of the month. Available in red or black, perhaps the biggest surprise is that they actually work.

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