The Alienware Area51 7500 Gaming PC

Posted on Jun 2 2008 - 10:35pm by Richard Sharp

Alienware Area51 7500Alienware is to PC gamers what page 3 is to teenage boys. The hardcore PCs have long been popular because they are designed, developed, and manufactured with gaming in mind. While the Alienware brand has been purchased by Dell and the website now even boasts Business PCs you’d be hard pressed to find a better gaming rig. What’s more they tend to look pretty cool in a neon transformers hybrid kind of way.

The name of the latest Alienware PC, the Area-51 7500 should give you some kind of clue as to what it’s going to offer. The design is truly unique offering four primary colours of space black, conspiracy blue, cyborg green, and saucer silver. You can even customise the colour of the little Alienware alien head logo.

The Core 2 Extreme offers quad processing power, a completely unparalleled and largely unnecessary addition, unless you’re a hardened online gamer that only plays the very latest in games. Doubling up doesn’t stop there, either, with a choice of dual NVIDIA SLI graphics card or the new GeForce 8800GTX. 4 terabytes of storage should be more than ample to store the data belonging to most people in your county, never mind your house. Finally you also get up to 4GB of DDR2 SDRAM.

Alienware also customises your operating system and software installation to exactly match your requirements. Choose between Vista or XP and let Alienware do the rest for you.

Make no mistake, packages like this don’t come cheap. For the absolute minimum setup (which is still an incredible piece of kit compared to most entry level computers) you’ll pay around £800. For a top of the range system including such things as liquid cooling, system lighting, Blu-Ray drive, and the maximum available of everything you’ll need to pay just short of £5,000 excluding monitor and other such peripherals. You have to be fairly serious about your gaming.

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