The Amazon Echo Explored

Posted on Sep 27 2016 - 1:12pm by Robert

You may have heard about the Amazon Echo but not really be sure what it is. Well, this new gadget could be exactly what you are looking for.

The Echo has only been available in the US from its launch in November 2014 up until now. However, it is now being brought to the UK as well, so what is it?

The Amazon Echo is a speaker that works through voice command controls. It works over Wi-Fi and is powered by a digital assistant called Alexa. It has already proved to be popular in the US, with over 3 million of them sold to date.

It Searches the Internet to Answer Your Questions


The Echo is 23.5 centimetres in height and has a 7 microphone setup. It searches the internet for the information you ask it for, meaning that it can find out the latest news and weather, as well as do research into questions you ask it.

You start off each command by saying “Alexa…”, followed by what you want to ask it. You can use it order goods from Amazon, to listen to music or to set your morning alarm.

You can also use the Amazon Echo as a normal Bluetooth speaker if you want to. However, its functionality extends to interacting with other apps and even smart devices around the home.

The full sized version of the Echo is expected to cost £149 in the UK. The smaller Echo Dot has a price tag of £49.

Do you think that the Echo is the kind of gadget we will all want to use in the future, or is it more likely to be a flop we soon forget about?

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