The Big Ear Listens to Complaints

Posted on Aug 29 2013 - 11:34am by Robert

The conventional complaints process can be frustrating, as you attempt to explain the situation in a letter or on a phone call to a customer service centre. What would be really good would be to speak our complaints and grumbles straight into a giant ear. Now you can do exactly this. Well, you need to go to Seoul first of all.

Outside the City Hall building in the capital of South Korea is where a giant red ear has been placed to listen to the public’s complaints. It was designed by the artist Yang Soo with the help of Lifethings and is both a public art initiative and also a public relations move at the same time.

The Most Popular Messages to be Chosen

earThe idea is that anyone can walk right on up to Big Ear sculpture and say what they think. The comment is recorded and is also broadcast over speakers inside the City Hall itself. Another interesting touch is that the speakers have got sensors on them which mean that officials can tell how many people go up to them to listen to each message. The most popular ones will then be used mixed in with the building’s ambient music.

There is a similar sort of idea also being worked on in the US by Lifethings, in the form of the Idea Tree which is to be placed in the San Jose convention centre.

Of course, the big question is whether or not government officials will actually listen to what members of the public have to say to the Big Ear. What do you think?

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