The C.R.A.B Droid – The Future Of British Policing?

Posted on Jul 28 2010 - 11:23am by Matt Jackson

It might look like something from a Robocop film (well, a more modern Robocop film with better quality effects anyway) but it is in fact a 3D creation from award winning designer Jamie Martin. In case you haven’t heard of him, Jamie Martin is the man behind the design of the Cobra Venom Concept Car and was one of four eventual winners to design the next London Bus (it’s not a bendy one, so it’s all good). This latest concept is a law enforcement aid that could be used to replace police vehicles and even their drivers.

Filled with AI and holding capability to perform various tasks normally undertaken by the police, the C.R.A.B Robot is really only a concept at the moment although you may see something similar next time you watch a Star Wars film or in the next incarnation of the Crackdown games.

The C.R.A.B (which stands for Cybernetic Remote Autonomous Barricade) would boast reinforced body armour so it could withstand hostile situations. It also has gas and smoke screen capabilities to quell uprisings and the such and while we’re not sure this would feature in the London bound model, it has twin cannons (maybe if they fired water they’d be used here). It is, thanks to its crab like pincer legs, an all terrain vehicle that can move quickly and efficiently from one crime to another.

Jamie Martin is a 3D designer who has created various models and helped design the Cobra Venom V8 Concept Car and will see a number of his design features added to the next generation of London Bus. The detail that’s gone into this is quite incredible and there are numerous teaser videos and photographs for you to look at on Jamie’s website (and we strongly suggest you take a few minutes to do so).

Would you park on double yellow’s that were protected by the C.R.A.B?

Will it feature in the next Crackdown game or Will Smith movie?

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