The Cheerful App That Counts the Days to Your Death

Posted on Dec 14 2013 - 1:02pm by Paul

Have you ever wondered how many days you have left until you shuffle off this mortal coil, pop your clogs and kick the bucket? Hey, they’ve got an app for that now.

This cheery little piece of technological wizardry is called Days of Life and it is described as motivational app.

Basically, it shows a little counter which tells you how many days you have left. In case seeing the numbers there telling you exactly how long you can expect to keep on breathing, there is also a handy pie chart which shows you how much of your life you have wasted and how much is left for you to waste.

Probably Not Strictly Accurate

daysTechnically speaking, it may not be the most accurate life expectancy indicator ever invented, as all it takes into account is your date of birth, your gender and where you live. With this bare minimum of details it works out how long you can expect to keep walking this green and sweet Earth.

If you want to let the world know when you are expected to die then you can get your details fed through to Twitter and Facebook automatically. That ought to be a real talking point. You can also choose to depress yourself with daily updates on how your life is slowly slipping away from you one day at a time.

The idea is that you understand the value of each day more and live life to the full. This is clearly a great idea and if it helps just one person live their life in a more satisfying way then I guess its creation has been worthwhile.

Would you like a daily reminder of how long you have left to live?

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