The Defacing of Some Bus Shelters in the Windy City Now Encouraged

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 6:02pm by Robert

Let’s face it; if you have ever stood about waiting for a bus you will have been pretty peeved off about it.

Hanging around bus stops is the kind of soul-destroying activity that turns normal law-abiding citizens into mindless vandals and thugs. Well, if you have ever succumbed to the temptation to scribble a piece of nonsensical graffiti on a bus shelter then there is good news for you; you are now being openly encouraged to deface bus shelters.

Advertising a Museum Exhibition

shelterImages courtesy MCA Chicago

Hang on though; we are only talking about certain bus shelters here. You’ll need to go to Chicago to do this. Unless you’re there already, in which case you just need to go outside and find one of the bus shelters with the special ads for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago on them.

Behind the rather dull looking black and white ads on these shelters there is a rather more exciting piece of art waiting for you to discover. How do you do this? Scratch, my friend, scratch with all your might.

The posters have been designed with a layer of a special coating which comes off when it is scratched, in pretty much the same way a scratch card reveals that you have lost yet again.

This hi-tech bus shelter-based advertising campaign is on behalf of the museum’s The Way of the Shovel exhibition and was created with the help of ad agency  Classic Color. If you are the Windy City be sure to check them out. At night-time would be the best time to do so, as there are back lit so that the scratched off sections glow at night.


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