The Digital Ant Farm

Posted on Jun 26 2008 - 12:45am by Richard Sharp

Digital Ant Farm - None Of The Dangers Of A Real One But All The PleasureHave you ever wondered about the typical colonial tendencies of ants, or perhaps mused as to their social interactions? No, me neither, and yet I find the Bandai digital ant farm to be oddly appealing and I really don’t know why. I’m guessing the AI that it uses would be difficult to argue with – at least, I certainly couldn’t point out if that’s really how ants react.

Of course, a digital ant farm has several advantages over a real one. First off, the cost – I don’t have the foggiest idea how much a real ant farm would cost, if I wanted one, but the digital one is available at what I suspect is a faction of the price (roughly equal to £40).

Plus, the ants aren’t real. Drop the ant farm and you won’t have to deal with a serious infestation of insects that are seeking revenge on the one that stored them in that plastic tank for the last however many months. You’d think, that vengeful ants would be fairly safe, after all it’s not like they could cause much in the way of physical damage but you’d be surprised… maybe.

However, it’s electronic, it’s pointless, and it’s kind of cool. And did we mention it’s Japanese? This is the surest formula that gives us gadget perfection.

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