The Ducati Z770 – Ducati Branded Goodness

Posted on May 29 2008 - 3:52am by Richard Sharp

Ducati Z770 From Sony EricssonEngadget has details of a Ducati themed Sony Ericsson Z770. Combining two of the world’s greatest toys (although, of course, a motorbike is far from being a toy) the Z770 remodel is due for release in Italy in June and represents a refreshing step towards motorbike themed goods instead of all the Ferrari and Porsche based gear.

The Z770 flip phone isn’t anything particularly innovative on its own. It claims to offer easy setup for email and other web based applications and enables users that want to connect and communicate to do so without having to go all out and buy a budget breaking smartphone. Red, black, and gold versions are already available on the market.

The Ducati Z770 joins a roster of Ducati branded goods including an entire range of Ducati memory cards and USB memory sticks from Sandisk. Plus, of course there’s a range of clothing and, I believe, a few Ducati branded motorbikes also available.

The branding on the Z770 isn’t exactly subtle with a go-fsater stripe, Ducati motorbike, and the Ducati logo sprawled all over the phone. The question is, will it be purchased by those that already have the full collection of motorbike and protective clothing or by those that wish they had the full line?

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