The Electronic Chopsticks That Might Help You Avoid an Upset Stomach

Posted on Sep 8 2014 - 3:04pm by Robert

Anyone who has tried to eat with chopsticks for the first time will probably realise that this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Is this something that modern technology can help you out with?

Unfortunately, the latest chopsticks gadget isn’t designed to keep your clothes clear of tasty sauces and stray pieces of rice. However, it could be just what you need to avoid a dodgy stomach after your meal.

Boffins at the Chinese technology film Baidu have come up with new electronic chopsticks that can work out whether you are about to eat something that could be bad for you. The clever sticks are designed to work out whether the food they pick up has been cooked using unsuitable oil, which is a common problem in China it seems. It also calculates the temperature of the food, as well as the sell by date and the nutrients in it.

Wearable Technology as Well


The unveiling of the intelligent chopsticks came at the Baidu annual conference, which was held in Beijing. As well as this smart little gadget, the company also showed off its new piece of wearable technology.

The Baidu Eye is a rival to Google Glass and has a built in camera. It doesn’t have a screen but it can pass information on to the person using through an earpiece or by being connected to a phone.

If you are wondering where you can buy these items then the answer is that you can’t yet. They haven’t yet gone on sale and we don’t know how much they will cost when they do get released.

Would you like to try using electronic chopsticks?

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