The EU Look Into Allowing Police to Stop Cars Remotely

Posted on Feb 8 2014 - 11:34am by Paul

It has been reported that the EU has set up a working group to look into the possibility of introducing a device that stops cars remotely.

The idea is that police could use this gadget to stop any vehicle they are suspicious of. It is being looked into by a team from the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services.

It is believed that it could be a several years before this device is available for use by Police forces across Europe. Clearly there is also a need to consider the impact on both driver safety and civil rights before this could be into operation.

To Be Added to All Cars in the European Market

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The exact wording of the EU document which sets out the idea states that the plan is to find a “technological solution” that can be added as standard to “all cars that enter the European market”. It adds that “cars on the run” have been seen to be “dangerous for citizens” and that criminals of all types “will take risks” in order to get away from police in their vehicle.

The EU document was put together in December of last year and outlined the projects to be worked on in 2014. It states that usually the police can’t stop a criminal on the run because of a “lack of efficient means” to make the fugitive car stop in a safe way.

The fact that this project has come to light is down to the work being done by the campaign group Statewatch.

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