The Everything Inflatable Chair: Ideal for an Evening of Relaxation

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 9:18am by Robert

Gadgets don’t always need to be packed full of hi-tech wizardy to be fun. They can be inflatable and designed to hold a can of beer as well. Just like the Everything Inflatable Chair, in fact.

So what does it offer? First of all, you can use a 3.5 mm jack to hook up your mp3 player, your games console or anything else you have ever imagined hooking up to an inflatable chair. There are two speakers built into the headrest, so you get to enjoy a great sound experience while relaxing in it.

Pockets for Everything

chairOf course, we need more than this to truly enjoy a relaxing evening, which is where all the pockets come in. There are pockets for magazines, for emergency food supplies and for remote controls and phones.

So where does the beer go? Don’t worry; there are cup holders in the arm rests which are the perfect size for a can of beer. They might hold soft drinks as well, we suppose.

It certainly is a chair which provides just about everything you could ask for from a piece of blow up furniture. It is a cheap and pretty cool way of giving you a place to chill out.

To sum up, the Everything Inflatable Chair is designed to be the kind of seat which you can plonk your rear end down on after a hard day at work. You won’t feel the need to stand up again until you hear birds twittering outside and wonder why your mouth tastes like a dog just slept in it.

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