The Exciting New Tube Map

Posted on Aug 27 2013 - 7:30pm by Robert

Looking at the Tube map was already one of the most exciting things about going to London as it was. The classic map design which is so instantly familiar to us was created by Harry Beck way back in 1931 and still looks great today. That doesn’t mean that the Tube map can’t move with the times, though.

The latest attempt at making the London Underground look better can be traced back to June of this year. This was when London transport officials released all of the information which they hold about train and bus times and routes. The idea was that this information could be used in order to provide transport apps which were most useful to travellers in London.

3D and Interactive

brunoHowever, a chap called Bruno Imbrizi has used this data to provide a wonderful interactive 3D map of the Tube system. The data behind it works to form a real time map which you can rotate, zoom into and basically play about with to your heart’s content.

There are a number of other maps now online using the same data but this one makes the planet’s oldest underground railway system look pretty exciting indeed. The only problem is going to be when you walk down the stairs at one of the stations in real life and realise that is, in fact, an overly crowded and faintly depressing place with weird wind systems and unusual smells. Might be best sticking to the maps after all.

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