The Facebook Refurb – Good Move Or Bad?

Posted on May 19 2008 - 12:07pm by Richard Sharp

Facebook Redesign ImminentIn terms of design and simplicity, Facebook has become a victim of its own overwhelming, short term success. Because of the increased number of users, applications, and other features, what was once considered an intuitive and clean interface has become cluttered and more difficult to use. In light of this, and backed by user’s ideas, Facebook will go through the cutting board with a design overhaul.

Rather than have a single page containing feeds, friends, applications, quizzes, and more it is believed that Facebook will now adopt a tabbed browsing system. Each category will then have its own tab so that users can once again enjoy intuitive management of their Facebook profile.

Facebook is consulting 85,000 of its 70 million active users as a sort of elite focus group. Primary consensus is that while some believe the site change is a good idea, others believe that it will detract from the site’s popularity. In reality, though, something does have to be done.

With more than 6 million user groups, 25,000 existing applications, nearly 150 new applications every day, and the largest photo sharing function on the Internet make Facebook the social media website that offers more than others. As such, profile pages do become very cluttered in a small space of time.

The question is, what do you think of the proposed changes? Feng Shui or the needless creation of work where none is required?

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