The First Ever Twitter Dress

Posted on Nov 4 2012 - 10:29pm by Robert

So, you are a kind of famous celebrity and you like nice dresses but, hey, you like Twitter as well. It seems that this can only end in one way. That’s right; an LED filled dress which displays tweets on it.

The 34 year old X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger – who was once a Pussycat Doll, we believe – turned up at the London Battersea Station with her unique dress on at an Everything Everywhere 4G launch. The bash was to celebrate a new, faster internet connection but the lady with the flashing dress stole the show.

Lights, Crystals and French Silk Chiffon

It has hundreds of Swarovski crystals and 2,000 LED lights in it and is rechargeable by USB. Oh, and it was made using 8 metres of French silk chiffon. The lights are used to scroll Tweet messages she has received on it and the whole thing is actually rather groovy. The hash tag needed to get a message on the dress was #tweetthedress.

It was created by the people at Cute Circuit, who have also come up with interesting and technology related pieces of clothing for other celebs like U2 and Katy Perry

Francesca Rosella is a creative director with Cute Circuit and she said that Scherzinger “really knows what she likes” and that she also has “lots of input” into the overall creation of the dress.

The singer took to the stage later in the evening to round off the event with another light up dress. She later tweeted that had “so much fun” at the event. Now we just need to wait to see when we will be able to buy Twitter jackets and Twitter hats for non celebrity use.

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