The Ford Sync 3 Makes an Appearance

Posted on Mar 9 2016 - 6:34pm by Robert

In car navigation and entertainment systems have come a long way recently, with Ford one of the top names in the industry.

The Ford Sync 3 has been getting an airing at the Mobile World Congress 2016, together with the car manufacturer’s new Kuga.

As you might expect, this new technology lets you use your car in much the same way as a giant smartphone, with a touchscreen and a number of useful apps. The system supports both Android devices and iOS gadgets. Indeed, you get the option of switching directly to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto if you prefer.

Now Easier to Use


It appears that Ford Sync 3 is now slicker and easier to use than in the 2 previous versions. It includes a button on the steering wheel to move onto voice control. Many of the apps are music or location related, with if a decent if fairly limited selection to choose from.

The Ford Sync 3 will first appear on the new Kuga, with an 8 inch S-VGA touchscreen. The size of the screen will vary on other models, according to their size and specifications.

This is a good looking system that should help to enhance the driving experience for many people. Having said that, the fact that drivers can switch to the Apple or Android in- car systems does make us wonder whether the Ford application has a long term future in its own right.

Do you think that this kind of in-car entertainment and information system should offer the same features as your smartphone, or do you prefer to see something different?

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