The Future of Presentations? Yeah It’s Interactive, Now That You Mention It

Posted on Mar 18 2013 - 12:37pm by Robert

If you need to do presentations at work then maybe you are fed up sitting down and using something like PowerPoint to design graphics which will hopefully grab your audience’s attention. Well, the new Microsoft interactive whiteboard might be just what you need.

We’ll start with the bad news this time, shall we? The design of this product is still not very advanced and it is unlikely that the presentations you make for the rest of this year will be carried out on an interactive whiteboard.

Hey, don’t get too downhearted though, as it sounds like it will be worth waiting for. Basically, the board can be used to interpret the sketch which has been drawn on it and, gulp, finish off the presentation by working out what the user was planning to say.

They’re Not So Smart After All

whiteboardHowever, it’s not yet time to get worried about super smart whiteboards using their massive brains to take over the Earth. Not yet anyway. No, the example given by Microsoft makes it clear how it works in a fairly simply way.

The project will be shown to the world at Techfest by Dr Bongshin Lee. She will show how the image she puts on the touchscreen can be complemented by pre loaded information to produce impressive charts and maps. That example we mentioned earlier is to do with the world’s use of energy. The user draws some stick figures and this is the signal for the population data covered to pop up on screen, while a drawing of a battery prompts information which shows how various sectors of the community use their energy.

Could this be the future of presentations?

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