The Game That Fits on a Tweet

Posted on Jul 3 2015 - 4:32pm by Robert

If you want to play a simple little game then all you need to start with is a single tweet. At least that is all you need when the message in the tweet contains the entire code for a game.

It isn’t likely to be the most exciting game you ever play but what can you expect for 140 characters? You certainly shouldn’t be expecting PlayStation or Xbox level graphics and sounds.

The game in question is called Tiny Twitch and it all started off as an interesting challenge to programmers around the world. Australian game developer Ben Porter sent out an open challenge to them to create a game whose “source fits in a single tweet”. It might sound impossible at first but it is the kind of intriguing challenge that games developers love to sink their teeth into.

Click on the Letter X While It Moves About


Undaunted, musician and programmer Alex Yoder came up with the Tiny Twitch game in reply to the challenge. This tiny game basically involves clicking on a letter X as it bounces its way around your screen. It is incredibly basic but knowing how little code is involved in it makes it appear pretty impressive all the same.

Your final score is based on the number of times that you manage to click on the constantly moving X before the time runs out on you. To date, the best scores being reported online run into the high teens.

Have you given Tiny Twitch a try yet? If so, what score did you get?

image courtesy of rockpapershotgun

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