The Global Warming Mug

Posted on Jun 9 2008 - 1:25pm by Richard Sharp

Global Warming MugOK, so we’ve covered green gadgets that will help you do your bit to save the planet, so we thought it was about time we approached it from a different angle. And, the global warming mug, is very definitely a different angle. It enables you to see the damage we’re potentially doing to the environment simply by filling it with your choice of hot beverage.

The blue mug, when cold, has a fairly detailed map of the world encircling it. However, when you fill it with hot liquid, the teperature change will mimic the effects of global warming. You can watch as the ice caps melt and the sea level rises by 100m – an apparently realistic simulation of what is to come for us all (we’re all doomed, I tell you).

Let’s face it, reading global warming and climate change reports is something best left to the scientists and scaremongers of the world. Filling your mug with hot coffee, on the other hand, is a much simpler and less arduous task. If you want a mug that carries a real message, then this is the one for you. Send one to your 4×4 loving friends as a pleasant gift and see if it makes a difference – OK, probably not, but it’s a gift idea.

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