The Green Car Guide Live 2008

Posted on Jul 1 2008 - 8:51pm by Richard Sharp

Smart Fotwo - The Zebra - LovelyIf stereotypes were true, then staging any car show in Liverpool would be asking for trouble, and making it a green car show would be even more dangerous. Liverpudlians (stereotypically, speaking, of course) certainly aren’t renowned for giving back to the the community, and I think we all know what happens to cars that are left unattended for too long.

All steretypes aside, though, the Green Car Guide Live 2008 was indeed held in Liverpool and was a roaring success. The show was the biggest green car show held in the UK and featured cars from manufacturers like BMW, Ford, Citreon, and many more.

While the majority actually managed the previously unfathomable (to make a green car look like any other car on the road) there were some exceptions at both ends of the scale.

A Honda Insight developed by Oaktec was highlighting rally cars using hybrid technology. AT just 998 cc, the car actually won the A Class Formula 1000 Tarmac Rally Championship so there really is no excuse for poor performing hybrid cars.

When it comes to the other end of the scale, you can always rely on Smart cars. The Smart Fortwo, the hideously styled car in the picture above apparently offers big car luxuries (except, presumably, for a big interior or ample space) with what I have to begrudgingly admit to being money saving and environment saving class. £35 per year road tax is almost unthinkable if you own anything bigger than a scooter, but that’s one of the returns you get for owning the zebra.

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